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ptz cameraIP Camera Control

The latest systems allow remote visual management of test facilities using IP camera technology. Being able to remotely view, record and replay video feeds, either manually or automatically is now easy to implement and cost effective with low cost cameras, simple connection to existing Ethernet networks and efficient streaming of video over networks.

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subsea ball valveSpecialised valves for the Petrochemical and Natural Gas industries require extensive performance and qualification testing to meet international standards such as API Specification 6A, Appendix F, PR2 level and ISO10423:2001.

Test procedures define a sequence of valve operations at varying upstream and downstream pressures, varying valve positions and varying ambient and valve body temperatures from -40°C to 160°C.

wing deicingIce build up on aircraft wing surfaces destroys the smooth flow of air needed for stable flight. The latest deicing technology uses electrically heated mats layered into composite wing edge components. To safeguard aircraft performance and safety every component needs to operate within strict tolerances and be tested and validated as fit for purpose.

plugssocketsA major manufacturer of electrical accessories, plugs, sockets and switches upgraded the control system on their existing endurance test system extending asset life for minimal capital investment.

In common with many legacy test systems whilst the majority of the system hardware was still reliable the control software was outdated and no longer supportable.  Some items of hardware including analogue scanner and digital interface units were obsolete and suitable replacement equipment was sourced.

axle test rigThe system was designed to automate the running of a high speed axle test rig so that unmanned endurance tests of the axle differential could be carried out safely. Controlled and emergency shutdown routines were implemented so that in the event of a failure of the axle or differential, the rig can be properly stopped and a shutdown history log is created for later analysis.