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ptz cameraIP Camera Control

The latest systems allow remote visual management of test facilities using IP camera technology. Being able to remotely view, record and replay video feeds, either manually or automatically is now easy to implement and cost effective with low cost cameras, simple connection to existing Ethernet networks and efficient streaming of video over networks.

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Since its formation in 1981, Tascomp has specialised in the development and supply of industrial automation software and systems.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, provide innovative software solutions and outstanding after sale support. Our open management style and flexible working environment have created a development team that is enthusiastic and committed to our global success.

Tascomp's products have always been noted for their reliability and technical excellence which continues with its Prodigy software on which the test systems featured on this website are based.  View more information on Prodigy industrial automation software.

Tascomp operates a quality system to  ISO9001:2015 accredited certification - view Quality Policy and Certificate.