Upgrading Industrial Test Systems

Replacing out dated control and data acquisition systems on your exisiting test facilities – test rigs, cells or system offers a range of benefits.

Extend Asset Life: New control systems on existing test facilities can significantly extend asset life without major capital or infrastructure investment. Typically control software becomes unsupportable yet test hardware remains perfectly serviceable or can be made so with minimal expenditure.

Improved Performance: Newer control systems offer better accuracy, repeatability, and precision, resulting in more reliable and consistent test results. Also improved speed of testing, leading to faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

Increased Safety: Outdated control systems may lack the necessary safety features required in modern testing environments. Upgrading to a modern system can provide better safety features, including emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and automatic shutdown mechanisms, ensuring the safety of operators and the equipment.

Better Data Acquisition: Upgraded control systems offer better data acquisition capabilities, allowing for more accurate and precise measurements. This can lead to improved understanding of the testing process and help identify areas for improvement.

Reduced Downtime: Older control systems are more prone to failures and breakdowns, resulting in unexpected downtime and repair costs. Upgrading can reduce the frequency of breakdowns and maintenance, leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Compliance with Industry Standards: Upgrading control systems can help ensure compliance with the latest industry standards and regulations. This can help maintain the credibility of the testing results and ensure that the equipment meets the necessary requirements.

We have 40 years experience of upgrading systems that manufacturers rely on for automated testing of product quality, endurance and validation. We provide a complete service from initial consultation, system design, development and implementation, user training and ongoing technical support and maintenance. Whatever your test system requirements are we will be pleased to advise how we may be able to help you.

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