Thermal Fatigue Test Rig

wing deicingIce build up on aircraft wing surfaces destroys the smooth flow of air needed for stable flight. The latest deicing technology uses electrically heated mats layered into composite wing edge components. To safeguard aircraft performance and safety every component needs to operate within strict tolerances and be tested and validated as fit for purpose.

A purpose designed thermal fatigue test rig provides high voltage insulation testing, heater and temperature sensor resistance tests and a programmed series of heater actuations at elevated supply voltage alternating with cold water being sprayed onto the part. Components under test are suspended in a custom built enclosure that incorporates water spray jets and catchment tank.  Ancillary equipment cools and decontaminates the water as it is re-circulated.

Once a test has commenced it runs automatically through the test sequence unmanned. Manual over-ride, e-stops and fail safe shut down routines ensure safety during periods of unmanned running. After the required number of test cycles has been completed the software checks the test data for each component. If any of the necessary parameters is not met the component automatically fails validation.

At the end of a test a single page "proof of process" report is generated automatically for each component. This report includes the test header information, a list of all alarms/events and a graph showing key test measurements during the test cycle including the pass/fail validation.

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