Diesel Engine Development Test Cells

engine test screenEach computer system was designed to run a diesel engine in a development test cell according a user defined schedule.

Automatic control of the throttle actuator and dynamometer, in a variety of modes, were used to achieve the required engine conditions.  Central servers were employed to provide storage of all test schedules, test log data etc. and also to act as an arbitrator when access to one of the Emissions Carts was required by a test cell.

Engine Cold Cell Testing System

adlogoEngine cold cell testing systems for engine remanufacturer.

Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions Ltd is the largest independent engine remanufacturer in Europe, supplying exclusively OE manufacturers such as Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo, Aston Martin, GM and Chrysler.

Located at their Grantham (UK) facility, the company operated two Prodigy systems (supplied in 1999 and upgraded in 2007) that interfaced to their five existing Cold Cell Rigs (three connect to one system and two to the other). These rigs, combined with fixed facility assets, such as motor drives and engine water cooling systems, provide the capability of automated cold running of remanufactured Internal Combustion Engines. This functionality is a requirement to mechanically test and validate the correct operation of the remanufactured engines, prior to customer shipment.

Engine Test Cells

engineIn-depth checks on engines from the production line or returned by customers are undertaken in four engine test cells, each of which has a cell computer to control a throttle actuator and dynamometer.  A supervisory machine is also used to act as a central file server and an arbitrator for an Emissions Cart.

Automatic tests are run according to pre-defined schedules which contain the required speeds and torque, auxiliary parameters such as fuel temperature, and details of phase specific alarm conditions.  Series of test schedules are then run in sequence on an engine, without the need for human interaction.

Jet Engine Test Cell

jet engine test cellTesting of  aircraft jet engines after maintenance and prior to refitting is vital for reliable and safe operation. Each engine test requires a log report providing details of the engine, all relevant test parameters and the engineers who supervised the test.

For each test the engine is run through a test sequence.  Dependent upon the resulting data it may be necessary to rerun steps in the sequence in any order.

Engine Test Cell Control Software

Enhanced Software Optimizes Efficiency and Data Management in Engine Test Cellscm logo

We have successfully supplied control software for existing diesel engine test cells, revolutionizing their operations. These test cells play a crucial role in conducting comprehensive checks on engines, both from the production line and those returned by customers. With our innovative software/control system, the test cells have been equipped with advanced capabilities to streamline testing processes and enhance efficiency.