Switch Bounce Meter

switch bounce meterThe TM9 Switch Bounce Meter was custom designed, developed and manufactured by us for a thermostat manufacturer.  The bench top meter provides end of line testing, measuring switch operation time, allowing 1,000 switches per hour to be quality tested manually or 3,600 test per hour if incorporated into an automatic test jig. 

The TM9 switch bounce meter is a bench top instrument for measuring switch operation time. This single instrument is all that is required for quick and accurate monitoring for both QC and production requirements.

For an open to closed switch transition it will measure switch “bounce” time as the time period from the switch first closing to it finally remaining in the closed state. For a closed to open transition, the unit will measure the switch “creep” time as the time period from the switch first opening to it finally remaining in the open state.

The TM9a switch bounce meter incorporates an audio circuit which “listens” to the switch operating. The audio pickup is via a contact transducer in the test probe. This is extremely sensitive to the noise of the switch operating, whilst successfully rejecting false measurements caused by ambient noises. This audio test augments the standard electrical test by rejecting any switch whose electrical operation does not coincide with an audible click.

The unit can be programmed to give a pass/fail indication for bounce or creep times of 1 to 99 milli-seconds. A pre-settable contact whetting voltage of between 5 and 500V dc ensures that the test results reflect normal operating conditions.

The use of a foot operated switch to initiate the test allows the operator to keep both hands free to hold the test probes and operate the switch under test. With this method it is possible to test up to 1,000 switches per hour with just a single instrument. Incorporation of the instrument into an automatic test jig will allow this figure to be increased up to 3,600 tests per hour.

The built-in RS232 communications port allows the TM9 to be connected to a standard PC for data collection and analysis of test results.


  • Accurate bounce/creep measurement in a single test cycle.
  • Quick test times for increased throughput.
  • Helps to monitor production quality.


  • Programmable bounce time from 1 to 99ms.
  • 5 to 500V dc test voltage.
  • Large Pass/Fail indicators.
  • Audible test failure alarm.
  • Foot switch operation.
  • Clear LCD display and keypad for programming and test results.
  • RS232 port for PC data logging.
  • Audio test option with TM9a
  • Audio click window from ± 1-99ms


  • Bi-metallic thermostat testing.
  • Automotive switch testing.
  • Aerospace switch testing.
  • Relay/Contactor testing.

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