Jet Engine Test Cell

jet engine test cellTesting of  aircraft jet engines after maintenance and prior to refitting is vital for reliable and safe operation. Each engine test requires a log report providing details of the engine, all relevant test parameters and the engineers who supervised the test.

For each test the engine is run through a test sequence.  Dependent upon the resulting data it may be necessary to rerun steps in the sequence in any order.

Three engineers conduct each test acting as Operator, Recorder and Controller. Each engineer has a monitor screen for monitoring the test data and any alarm conditions to occur.  Data is displayed using a combination of dials and trend graphs with the Operator having a different screen configuration to the other test engineers. 

41 different parameters are measured including thrust, temperatures, pressures, flows, speeds, vibrations, frequencies and fluid levels. From this data other ‘corrected values’ are automatically derived by the system, normalised to standard day sea level conditions.

Datalogger units in the jet engine test cell are used to acquire most data parameters.  Thrust data is collected using a specially configured load cell and display with serial communications.  Data such as engine type, serial number and test engineer names are entered manually into the system

Test reports are generated after each engine test to verify satisfactory running.

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