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ptz cameraIP Camera Control

The latest systems allow remote visual management of test facilities using IP camera technology. Being able to remotely view, record and replay video feeds, either manually or automatically is now easy to implement and cost effective with low cost cameras, simple connection to existing Ethernet networks and efficient streaming of video over networks.

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sssclutchEach computer system was designed to be housed in a mobile console which could be connected to one of six clutch testing rigs.  The system would then monitor the test and log a line of data whenever the operator pressed a push button. 

Each system was fitted with two displays, one which acts as the operator control interface and one which is used to allow end customers to view the clutch parameters as the tests progress.

During a test, specific alarm schedules can be loaded to alter the tolerances allowed for any of the signals monitored.  In the event of a signal straying outside of its allowed limits, a beacon flashes and details of the alarm are shown on the permanent alarm banner.  Details of alarms occurring during a test are also logged alongside the test data to provide a complete history of each test run.

Remote access was provided using Prodigy Remote Workstation to allow tests to be viewed and the data accessed from an office based MAC network.

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