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ptz cameraIP Camera Control

The latest systems allow remote visual management of test facilities using IP camera technology. Being able to remotely view, record and replay video feeds, either manually or automatically is now easy to implement and cost effective with low cost cameras, simple connection to existing Ethernet networks and efficient streaming of video over networks.

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engineIn-depth checks on engines from the production line or returned by customers are undertaken in four engine test cells, each of which has a cell computer to control a throttle actuator and dynamometer.  A supervisory machine is also used to act as a central file server and an arbitrator for an Emissions Cart.

Automatic tests are run according to pre-defined schedules which contain the required speeds and torque, auxiliary parameters such as fuel temperature, and details of phase specific alarm conditions.  Series of test schedules are then run in sequence on an engine, without the need for human interaction.

Key signals are monitored for alarms, based on the current engine conditions.  In the event of a fault, a controlled or emergency shutdown routine is run to stop the engine safely and at the same time, a shutdown log is produced to show all signals during the last two minutes.

On completion, test data is transferred from the cell computer to the server where it is available to engineers’ office based PCs.

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