Diesel Engine Development Test Cells

engine test screenEach computer system was designed to run a diesel engine in a development test cell according a user defined schedule.

Automatic control of the throttle actuator and dynamometer, in a variety of modes, were used to achieve the required engine conditions.  Central servers were employed to provide storage of all test schedules, test log data etc. and also to act as an arbitrator when access to one of the Emissions Carts was required by a test cell.

Auxiliary parameters such as intake manifold temperature were also controlled through communications with a series of Omega controllers.  A variety of smoke meters and fuel measurement devices were also controlled and synchronised with the test sequences.

Safety monitoring for alarm conditions was continually undertaken and in the event of a failure, controlled and emergency shutdown routines are employed to safely stop the engine.  Following such an incident, crash or shutdown logs are made available for the last 2 minutes of running so that an engineer may determine the exact nature of the failure.

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